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Why do you, or do you not drink Sprite?




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12/08/2014 02:21:19

The Reason Why I Drink Sprite Is Because It's A Very Yummy Drink And It Just Fizzles In Your Mouth. I Love That Feeling Of A Hot Day In The Summer And You Just Take A Sprite And Drink It And Just Feel Like You've Been Cooled Down.


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12/03/2014 02:00:49

I'm Actually Drinking Sprite Right Now Because They Didn't Have Any Coke, Even Though It's A Coke Product, But I Dunno, Like, I'm Just Drinking It Because I Needed Something Refreshing And For Some Reason I Chose A Soda. Whatever.


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12/01/2014 10:21:52

Sprite, I Drink Sprite Because Its Great, Like, The Sensation I Feel When It's Down My Throat Just Keeps Me Going.


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11/24/2014 03:48:29

Uh, Well, I Used To Drink Sprite A Lot Before That. That Was The Kind Of Soda That I Had, But For What Whatever Reason, Like, All The Bubbles In It I Think Just Upset My Stomach Now And It Just Isn't Pleasurable Experience.


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11/24/2014 03:47:24

I Drink Sprite Because It's Delicious And I Like The Way It Tastes And I Hear That It's More Healthier Than Like Coca Cola 'cause It's Like A Clear Liquid. Like It's If Opaque It's Not, I Mean It's Not Healthy, But, Worse For You. And It's Really Good And I Like It.


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11/16/2014 07:39:15

Um, I Drink Sprite Because I Think It's The, In My Mind I Think It's Like The Healthiest Soda For You, But Um..


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11/16/2014 07:38:46

Why I Guess I Say I Drink Sprite Because I Think It Is The Healthiest Soda. But,I Um Normally Don't Drink Soda A Lot.

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